Together Everyone Escapes More!

Establish cooperation and develop creative energy among co-workers in our master led team building activities for corporate events. At Rush Hour Live Escape Games, we strive to provide an entirely unique, challenging, and fun experience that you can share with your co-workers and peers. We call it TEEM building for Together Everyone Escapes More!

Everyone must work together against the clock to complete an entire escape room, and they’ll partake in activities during the activity that you won’t see at the office every day. This allows you to see how your employees and co-workers handle the pressure and ultimately succeed or fail. Be privy to how your employees and co-workers react to their environment as well as how they utilize communication with their fellow captives to solve the mystery and escape the room. Improving group morale, work efficiency, and productivity are all things that will be on display as they navigate through our escape rooms.

Beating an escape room requires teamwork, speed, creativity, and patience. Escape rooms make the perfect team building activities for corporate events because if your team is to be successful, they will have to work together. By cracking puzzles and collecting clues, Escape Rooms are the most inclusive problem-solving scenarios disguised as a fun and engaging game-like activity. If you’re going to put your team to the test, there’s no better way than to stick them in a room and see how well they navigate working through the issues they encounter. By setting a singular goal that your team needs to accomplish (solving and escaping the room), you will truly see how well they can work together. Even if your team fails to escape, they will still have a blast and make memories that you will share for a long time.

4 Rooms


up to 35 People
5 Rooms


up to 45 People
6 Rooms


up to 50 People

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Rush Hour Live Escapes offers a unique, positive team building experience. Rather than an approach that focuses on gaps or deficiencies in team dynamics, our sessions build on positive core strengths through appreciative inquiry and active listening techniques before, during, and after the escape room experience. Rush Hour Live Escape Games offers team building activities for corporate events during weekday daytime hours. If you or your company would like a fun, new, and unique way to increase interaction and communication between co-workers while forming stronger interpersonal work relationships, an escape room is perfect for your next workplace outing. Contact one of our team members today for more details on how to go about booking one or more of our escape rooms for your next corporate meeting. We will help you arrange any event—large or small.

Team Building Event Pricing is based on the number of people and how long you want to play. Our event pricing also accounts for the number of rooms you need to accommodate your group per hour. You can add some time to yourselves in our corporate/party room for $25 per hour. Bring your own food and drink to enjoy and have an actual business meeting before or after you play our escape rooms! If you need more than an hour, each additional hour will be $25.00.



Meeting Style Event

Virtual Date Night


  • 2 Players
  • 1 Zoom Rooms Included (Max of 10 Players/Zoom Room)

Virtual Double Date


  • 4 Players
  • 1 Zoom Rooms Included (Max of 10 Players/Zoom Room)

Extra Small Groups


  • Up to 10 Players
  • 1 Zoom Rooms Included (Max of 10 Players/Zoom Room)

Small Groups


  • 11 - 15 Players
  • 2 Zoom Rooms Included (Max of 10 Players/Zoom Room)

Medium Groups


  • 16 - 25 Players
  • 3 Zoom Rooms Included (Max of 10 Players/Zoom Room)

Large Groups


  • 26 - 50 Players
  • 5 Zoom Rooms Included (Max of 10 Players/Zoom Room)

Extra Large Groups


  • 51 - 100 Players
  • 10 Zoom Rooms Included (Max of 10 Players/Zoom Room)

Super-Size Groups

Custom Quote

  • More than 100 Players
  • To be determined Zoom Rooms Included (Max of 10 Players/Zoom Room)

Additional Zoom Rooms


  • Optional

Call Us at 540-684-6695 to reserve for groups larger than 10