We are open with four rooms at our primary location and now with our original original Christmas room inside the mall! the parking lot is open finally too! the holiday season is upon us and you should book now to get the game you want at the time you want!

It is 1925 and prohibition is in full swing. You have been leading the crackdown on illegal sales and other nefarious activities. The evidence you need to identify the kingpin of this criminal organization is contained within the infamous Lucky Duck Speakeasy. Find that incriminating evidence and signal the rest of your team that it's time to move in! Recommended – 4-6 Players Difficulty: Entry Level Moderate

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ID the Mob Boss and Defuse the Bomb

Exit Protocol

You and your team of operatives have been sent to an overseas under cover CIA operations center. Something has gone wrong because the agent in charge was instructed to begin securing and shutting down his operations, but he has not responded. You must find out what happened to our agent and secure the site by finishing the Exit Protocol! Recommended – 4-6 Players Difficulty: Hard

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Our New Spy Thriller Escape Room!

You've fallen asleep on the couch while watching classic Christmas movies, and now those movies have invaded your brain and your dreams! You are stuck inside a Christmas movie mash up, and now you need to find your way out to wake up and celebrate Christmas for real!
Recommended – 4-6 Players
Difficulty: Moderate

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Inside the Mall Across From Build A Bear!

Now you and your group can try to get through all the pitfalls the boys face in the movie! It's time to go to class, get dressed up to go outside, and then fix that darn furnace! I triple dog dare you to stick your tongue on that pole! This is limited time only room so don't wait. You've got 60 minutes to get that Red Ryder and not shoot your eye out! Recommended – 6-8 Players
Difficulty: Entry Level Moderate

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Based On The Classic Christmas Movie

Held captive in the brig of the infamous pirate Blackbeard’s ship, you’ve been given an opportunity at freedom. He and his crew have gone ashore to pillage and plunder. So now it’s up to you to escape an undoubtedly watery grave in the depths of Davey Jones’s Locker!

Recommended – 6-8 Players
Difficulty: Entry Level Moderate

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Our Most Family Friendly Room

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