7 Common Types Of Escape Room Puzzles You Can Play

As the popularity of escape room puzzle businesses skyrocketed, escape room owners have been creating more and more types of puzzles to keep players both mentally engaged and challenged. There are various escape room game types, each with unique features and difficulty levels.

This blog post will explore the seven most common escape room puzzles available in Vancouver, WA. We’ll discuss each type in detail, giving readers a better understanding of what to expect when they enter one of these unique adventure experiences. So buckle up, and let’s dive into the world of escape rooms!

7 Common Types Of Escape Rooms

As we mentioned earlier, escape rooms come in various styles. Here are the seven most common types of escape room puzzles available at Rush Hour Live Escape Games:

  1. Number and texts: This escape room puzzle requires players to connect numbers and text to form a secret code. Players must work together to find the correct numeric or textual combination to achieve an objective.
  1. Physical puzzles: A Physical puzzle challenge involves manipulating physical objects like locks, keys, levers, buttons, and more to progress. Players must figure out how to use their environment to escape the room.
  1. Hidden objects: This escape room requires players to search high and low for items to help them escape the room or complete a certain task. 
  1. Visual design: Here, escape room players must determine what the visual clues on the walls mean and how they can use them to escape the room. 
  1. Logic puzzles: The puzzle is a challenge that involves complex thinking and reasoning. Players must use clues from their environment to solve the escape room puzzle at hand. 
  1. Combination puzzles:  A combination escape game type requires players to solve multiple puzzles to escape the escape room. Players must work together to determine how each puzzle relates to the next.
  1. Time management: This challenge involves managing time wisely and efficiently. Players must complete certain tasks quickly, or they will be unable to escape the escape room within the given time limit.

Put Your Skills To The Test At Rush Hour Live Escape Games

If you are ready to test your escape room skills and check our escape room puzzles, then Rush Hour Live Escape Games in Vancouver, WA, is the place for you! With seven different escape room types to choose from and difficulty levels ranging from easy to hard, there is something for everyone. All ages are welcome, so bring your family, friends, and escape room puzzle fans to us and see if you can escape in time! Give us a call or book online to reserve your escape room experience today!


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