Book Your Team Building Event in Fredericksburg, VA

Are you in charge of your company’s team-building events? Do you want to do something different and unique that will challenge your team and promote active listening skills, cooperation, and teamwork? If so, then escape room events are the perfect option for you. At Rush Hour Live Escape Games, we offer a variety of escape rooms in Fredericksburg VA perfect for team-building events that will challenge and engage your team. We have escape rooms that accommodate 8 players, so everyone on your team can participate. You can continue reading to learn more about our escape rooms and why they are the perfect option for your corporate events!

A New Twist To Corporate Events

Our escape rooms are also perfect for corporate events because they promote teamwork and active listening skills. Our escape rooms are themed, and each has a different challenge you must complete to escape the room but keep in mind that it is only possible with teamwork! You will feel that our corporate escape room events are something outside the box that keeps everyone on their toes.

You and your team can try any of our 8 players’ escape rooms:

Escape From Wonderland: You and your group have tumbled down Alice’s rabbit hole. Find yourself in the Queen of Hearts’ territory! You must now get back out.

Murder At Mardi Gras: A murder has taken place, and you, along with your band of jazz musicians, are being blamed for the act! The police will be arriving shortly to take you all into custody.

Black Beard Gris: You’re being held captive in the brig of Blackbeard’s ship, but he and his crew have gone ashore, providing you an opportunity to escape.

Have Fun & Try Something New!

Are you ready to promote active listening skills, cooperation, and teamwork? If you are, Rush Hour Live Escape Games is the right choice for you! We’ll be the best reviewed when looking for “escape room events near me.”

We offer escape room events that are amazing for teambuilding exercises and corporate events. Our primary goal is to ensure that your experience with us is unique, challenging, and fun so you can share it with others. So what are you waiting for? Book your escape game room today! 

Location and Parking

Location and Parking

We are located in The Village, the outdoor shopping portion of the Spotsylvania Towne Centre. There are brand new parking areas right across from Rush Hour now! You will see us as you drive through the lot beside Guitar Center and the new east side entrance to the mall.