Celebrate Your Birthday In OUr Escape Rooms In Washington, Dc

As a fun and creative person, you don’t want your birthday to be the same old party with balloons and cake. What can you do to make your birthday party unforgettable? Maybe dancing or a pool party. But not all your friends can dance or swim. You might feel overwhelmed by many options and frustrated because none fulfill your expectations.

At Rush Hour Live Escape Games, we know the importance of making your birthday party as creative and unique as possible with activities that all your friends and family enjoy. We’ve celebrated hundreds of birthday parties in any of our 6 escape rooms! Rush Hour makes your search for a perfect birthday plan easier. 

You can spend your day solving murder mysteries or trying to escape from villains. We ensure you and your friends will blast with our unique activities!

Your Special Day Full Of Fun & Surprises!

You might wonder, “why do I want to celebrate my birthday in an escape room?” Well, here are some reasons why our escape room games should be at the top of your list:

  • We have many fun puzzles and mysteries to challenge you and your friends.
  • You can enjoy a fun, interactive way to celebrate your birthday without the typical cake, balloons, and drinks.
  • You’ll feel the adrenaline while playing in our rooms and have an exciting experience!
  • Our unique spaces are tailored to different themes; we have options such as films, detective stories, and much more!

We Have 6 Exciting Rooms That Will Entertain Your Guests

At Rush Hour, you have 6 unique rooms for an unforgettable birthday experience!

From Beyond

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, this escape room game is inspired by the tale of Crawford Tillinghast’s puzzling experiments that will send shivers down your spine!

Blackbeard’s Bring

Imprisoned in the brig on Blackbeard’s infamous ship, you have a chance to make your escape. With his crew away pillaging and plundering, this is your window of opportunity to break free from a certain watery death at the bottomless depths of Davey Jones’ Locker!

Lucky Ducky Speakeasy

It’s 1925, and prohibition is in full effect. You’re the one leading the mission to bring a stop to all unlawful activity. The evidence you need to discover who is behind this underground criminal organization must be hidden somewhere inside the mysterious Lucky Duck Speakeasy. Can you find it?

Lost Jewel Of Zanzibar

Step into 1930 and uncover a frantic request from your former associate, Magnus Ferguson. He needs you to venture deep into Africa in pursuit of an enigmatic gem hidden away from the grasp of a ruthless African warlord. Follow the trail left by Magnus and secure the mystical treasure before his army catches up!

Escape Room From Wonderland

Embark on an incredible journey down the rabbit hole with your team – a race to escape Wonderland before it’s too late! Explore Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic by encountering characters and scenes from Alice in Wonderland. You only have 60 minutes before you’ll be at risk of facing execution!

Murder At Mardigras

You and your jazz band are in a tight spot. It appears you’ve been accused of committing murder! The police will be here any minute to arrest all of you. Your only way out is by solving the mystery, collecting evidence to back up your innocence, and doing so before they arrive! Hurry now – you have 60 minutes until disaster strikes!

Have The Happiest Of Birthdays Inside Our Escape Rooms In Washington, DC.

At Rush Hour Live Escape Games, we strive to make your birthday party the best experience! Avoid doing the same every year. Our escape rooms are guaranteed great fun and engagement for you and your guests. Escape from villains, discover a hidden treasure, or solve murder mysteries – all in an hour! Please message us, book a room, and enjoy your next birthday party.