Middleburg VA Escape Room Games

Keeping your family and friends entertained is a difficult task. It could be hard to decide on a location for family gatherings, birthday parties, or anniversaries. But why not try something exciting and innovative? Rush Hour Live Escape Games in Middleburg, VA, is the perfect place to have fun with your loved ones! Whether you need a break from your busy schedule or want to experience something fun and unique, Rush Hour Live Escape Games is the best place to do so.



A Fun Place To Disconnect From Reality

Rush Hour Live Escape Games offers a unique way to adventure with your family or friends. In these escape room games, teams of 4 to 8 players are placed in an escape game scenario full of mysteries and puzzles that need to be solved. The game aims for all participants to break out within 60 minutes by finding hidden clues and solving the puzzles.

We’re fun and encourage group collaboration, strategic thinking, and quick problem-solving skills. These elements unite people in a unique way that no other activity can match.

Not Sure Yet? Here’s Why You Should Choose Us

Private Rooms

All our rooms are private, meaning that you and your team can enjoy the experience without external distractions or unknown people.

Superb Quality

Our escape game scenarios are designed to provide an amazing experience for everyone. We use high-quality puzzles and set designs that challenge teams in the most exciting ways.

Themed Rooms

Different themed rooms offer a different feeling, giving you more options and making your time with us even more enjoyable.

Family Friendly

Rush Hour Live Escape Games are designed to be family-friendly, so you can come and enjoy the experience with your kids. In addition, our intimate game rooms provide an environment free from distractions or external disturbances.

Split Pay Option

Our Split Pay Option makes it easier for the team to pay. Thus, you can split the bill among the players and relax in your adventure!

Live An Experience Like No Other At Rush Hour Live Escape Games

If you’re looking for an exciting way to have fun and challenge yourself with your family or friends in Middleburg VA, Rush Hour Live Escape Games is the perfect place. We promise you a creative, enjoyable, thrilling experience that no other activity can match. Our escape game scenarios are full of puzzles and hidden clues to break out within 60 minutes. Stop looking for an “escape room near me” and live the Rush Hour experience! 


Location and Parking

Location and Parking

We are located in The Village, the outdoor shopping portion of the Spotsylvania Towne Centre. There are brand new parking areas right across from Rush Hour now! You will see us as you drive through the lot beside Guitar Center and the new east side entrance to the mall.

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