Escape Room Birthday Events, Parties, & More!

Make your next birthday bash unforgettable with Rush Hour Live Escape Games birthday events and parties. We would be honored to help you hold your own private event or host a surprise party for a friend or family member with us! Our Escape Room birthday events are perfect for all ages, making Rush Hour Live Escape Games an ideal place to celebrate such a special day.

Booking Your Next Birthday Party at Rush Hour Live Escape Games

Challenging Puzzles

When scheduling your Rush Hour Live Escape Games birthday party, you can choose from a variety of escape rooms filled with fun and challenging puzzles and clues that you and your group must solve to escape. And just when you thought it would be that easy… Did we forget to mention that you and your group will be on the clock? With 60 minutes of pure movie-like mysteries and action-packed adventures, you and your group will be racing against the clock to solve clues and intricate puzzles—most of which are hidden throughout the rooms. It’s your job to find them all in time to escape the room and earn the right to say you and your group have beaten the odds!

Beat the Clock

With a limited amount of time on the clock to work together to solve the mystery of the room, you and your friends will be tested on time management and multitasking. So remember—don’t panic and use your time wisely! Be aware of the clues in the room, as they are just about everywhere. They may be a bit tricky to find, but no special skills or knowledge is necessary to solve these puzzles, making our Escape Room birthday parties and other group events fun for everyone!

When you book an event for your group, you can book any of our rooms—all of them include varying difficulties set for the ideal experience. From our most difficult rooms (Tomb of the Red Queen and Something Wicked) to rooms that are at ranked at an easier level of difficulty (Lucky Duck Speakeasy  and Blackbeards Brig), each one of our escape rooms includes a recommended number of players. You can find these recommendations below each room’s description here. Once you book your room, it’s time to pick your team and get to escaping!