Rush Hour Live Mobile Escape Games in Fredericksburg VA

Are you having a company picnic, a wedding reception, a family reunion? Rush Hour Live Mobile Escape Games in Fredericksburg, VA, can provide the entertainment and we will provide the setup, game masters, and break down and clean up, so you can enjoy the fun!

A Real-Life Adventure Game Brought To You

With Rush Hour Live Mobile Escape Games in Fredericksburg, VA, you don’t have to travel to enjoy one of our amazing escape rooms. We’ll bring them to you—anytime, anywhere! We have two mobile escape room tents that are 20 to 30-minute games for two to four players per session. Immunity Quest and Exit Protocol are 13 feet by 13 feet and have everything players need right inside. Plus, with portable air conditioning, the heat won’t interrupt the fun! We will come to your site and set up either indoors or outdoors to suit your needs. We will transform any space in your home, office, and other venues into a full-featured, fun, and challenging escape room.


Rush Hour Live Mobile Escape Games in Fredericksburg, VA, is exciting, challenging, and thrilling entertainment for all! Pricing is based on the number of tents at your event, length of time and distance we need to travel to get there. Price includes our delivery, set up and game masters for the event. Call us at 540-684-6695 and we will be happy to work out the particular details with you!

How It Works

You and your team will assemble in one of our mystery mobile escape game tents and will have 20 to 30 minutes to complete your mission and “escape” the room (tent) before the time runs out! To complete the escape successfully, you and your team will have to find hidden clues and solve challenging puzzles throughout the tent. Hidden clues are scattered within the room, so be sure to look everywhere you can so you don’t potentially miss the game-winning clue. You might look crazy, but looking under every object and corner, sifting through books on shelves, and taking a closer look at all those paintings on the walls could mean the difference between passing and failing one of our mobile escape game tents. But you’ll need more than just your sleuthing abilities to beat our rooms. You’ll be put to the ultimate time management test when the clock starts ticking the moment you step into the game.