Celebrating A Theme Party In Our Escape Rooms In Middleburg, VA

Making time to build and share memories is essential for any strong relationship. Yet, it can be hard to develop activities that everyone will enjoy. At Rush Hour Live Escape Games, we understand it’s easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed when trying to come up with something fun for everyone. But don’t worry; we can help you out! If you’re looking for something creative, why not organize a themed party in an escape room?

At Rush Hour Live Escape Games, we are a Middleburg, VA, deluxe escape room. Our adrenaline-filled and immersive experiences will help you create memories with your group of friends or workmates that you’ll never forget. We provide a one-of-a-kind challenge that is full of fun and mystery! We will give you as much time and assistance as you need to get through the entire experience. You can trust that everyone will have fun and feel included while participating in the game.

Check Our Top Escape Room Games

  • Murder At Mardi Gras

Clear your name, or go to jail! You’ve Been Framed For Murder! – This thrilling game puts you in the shoes of a group of jazz musicians who are framed for murder and must solve the mystery before arrest. This game is for 6-8 players with a medium level of difficulty.

  • Escape From Wonderland

Escape the Red Queen, or it’s off with your head! You and your group have fallen into Alice’s rabbit hole. Now you have to make your way through the realm of the Queen of Hearts! You will encounter characters and scenes from this Lewis Carroll classic. This game is for 6-8 players with a challenging level of difficulty.

  • From Beyond

 Return to the source of an ancient evil! Based on the story of Crawford Tillinghast, who disappeared while conducting mysterious experiments, this escape room will indeed send chills down your spine. Can you figure out what happened before whatever was unleashed made its way back From Beyond? This game is for 4 players, ages 16+, with a very high difficulty level.

  • Blackbeard’s Brig

This unique and thrilling game will take you back to the age of pirates! You’re held captive in Blackbeard’s Brig aboard his notorious pirate ship. Now it’s up to you to escape from a watery grave in Davey Jones’ Locker! This game is for 6-8 players with moderate difficulty.

Get Your Themed Party Started At Rush Hour Live Escape Games!

Get Your Themed Party Started At Rush Hour Live Escape Games!

Please make your reservation at Rush Hour Live Escape Games, pick your favorite escape room, and get everyone in the mood by asking them to come dressed up accordingly. For instance, if you’re hosting an Alice in Wonderland-themed party, people can come dressed as their favorite character from the book.

At Rush Hour Live Escape Games, we believe that having fun should be easy. Our themed escape rooms in Middleburg, VA, are perfect for your next party or event. With us, you can trust you and your friends will have a good time while you test your wits and creativity. Stop looking around for escape rooms at Rush Hour Live Escape Games; we’re your place to go! Contact us today to book the best escape room game adventure!